Reach Furthur Coaching ADHD

See in ADHD can have a positive impact, through listening to the podcast, joining the Reach Furthur coaching group and working with me one-on-one!
Judy is a successful business owner and entrepreneur.
Although, to hear her tell the story, she hasn’t aways felt as empowered as she does now.
Trigger alert: if you hate mushy praise thrown on a podcast host…be forewarned, but everything she shares is true and heartfelt and I am extremely grateful to work with her.
So, if you are curious about how ADHD Coaching works, sit back and enjoy the show!
Judy’s Awesome Quote:

“It’s made such a huge difference in my life.”




Reach Furthur Coaching

Would some community support and accountability help you practice and master new strategies that help with motivation, productivity, and time management?
Join us in Reach Furthur, my coaching and accountability group, is free for a whole month to try!
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~ Jennie

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