Productive Avoidance

How Productive Avoidance Works

How productive avoidance works is by considering how to make use of down time. It’s all a judgement call on your part; what should be done versus what will get done.
My partner in crime, Brett Thornhill, is my cohost on The ADD Couple. Check us out on iTunes!
He joins me in discussing everything through the ADHD lens on that show. So, I’m sharing this episode about productive avoidance with you and hope you’ll enjoy it and subscribe to both podcasts: The ADD Couple and See in ADHD.
Awesome Quote:

Productive Avoidance
“I found myself back, knowing in my head
there was a whole bunch of stuff I should
be doing, but still trying to avoid them.”



Productive Avoidance

You know when you get back from vacation, that feeling that you’re not quite ready to go back to your daily routine? Or, it could just be Monday, and you’re coming off a great weekend, not feeling the level of motivation you know you need to get back into the swing of things?
Brett and his family went on vacation and had a fabulous time together. It was really hard to get his head back into work. As he says, he went into avoidance mode.
Listen, as we discuss avoidance, prioritizing, judgement, Sunday Gut, and how we deal with emotional stress.
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Productive Avoidance



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Productive Avoidance

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