Procrastination in ADHD, It’s Not Your Fault

Today, I’m sharing an article I wrote about procrastination because being a symptom of ADHD means it’s not your fault.
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Everyone struggles with putting things off every once in a while, but what activates our brains into action is directly impacted by brain chemistry.
Understanding our executive function is key in unlocking the mystery of why someone with ADHD can so easily do some things and delay, delay, delay doing others.
Jennie’s Awesome Quote:

“Everyone benefits by dropping the
judgement altogether and just focus on
how to create some forward movement.”


Procrastination in ADHD


…when everything is now or not now, deadlines and target dates become abstract ideas that have no tangible meaning.
In fact, people with ADHD live in such a permanent state of present time, they have difficulty constructing a beginning,
middle, and end to their activities. This is why you will hear, “I don’t even know where to begin.”


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~ Jennie

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  1. I really appreciate this episode! I read a lot of stuff about ADHD but haven’t heard or seen procrastination explained like this. Is the article online anywhere?? I would love to share it on my Facebook, it’s pretty much perfect.

    1. Thanks, Teresa. It’s actually an article I wrote that is a part of my Activation workshop.
      It’s a 5 hour all-day session offered 4 times a year for $400.00 and includes a lot more great info.

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