ADHD Self-Improvement

Why Do We Procrastinate?

Procrastinate much?
Today, we highlight the popular podcast Slacking Ambition hosted by Matt Wells.
His show explores why we procrastinate, which is one of the traits folks with ADHD struggle with most.
His is a tribe of “Slackers.”
Understand, however, he uses that as a term of almost endearment…you see, he’s the Head Slacker.
Diagnosed as a child, he shares his story.
And explains why he no longer uses ADHD medication as a tool.
Matt’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Self-Improvement
“People can do a lot more than
they realize they are capable of.”



Slacking Ambition is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and GooglePlay or check out his website!



“I intend to bring you a weekly podcast episode featuring guests who are making their dreams happen.
People who one day realized that thinking about someday doing something isn’t enough and that they
just can’t put it off any longer. Guests who are reaping the rewards of having overcome the procrastination
spiral and are living free. People who stopped slacking and started achieving!”




Please let us know your thoughts on the show!
~ Jennie


Slacking Ambition:






  1. Spent an awful lot of time Not talking about the subject posted about. Good guest but i hear too many podcasts spend way too time talking advertising or everything else besides the actual subject.

    1. Hi Ken,
      I guess because podcasts are free, and usually a labor of love, could be why you are hearing folks try to earn money… so they can spend more time doing what they love.
      That being said, Matt and his podcast, Slacking Ambition, were the focus of this episode and he explores why we procrastinate as a layman.
      I explore it as a coach, and as the host of this show, was exploring him.
      I’m sorry if you thought this episode would give you direct answers to the question.
      Motivation and productivity are complex topics.
      I do have many other episodes which go over how to help when ADHD is involved: medication, exercise, find your passions, use a strength based approach to life, focus on your interests…
      I also have a free resource available to help overcome procrastination:
      Thank you for listening to the show and sharing your opinion. I will take it under consideration as I title future episodes.

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