The ADHD Pro Who is Pro ADHD Medicatiion

The ADHD Pro Who is Pro ADHD Medication

Ellis Berkowitz, LCSW has been working with kids and adults with ADHD for the last 24 years. His practice is located at Elm Center Counseling & Consultation Services in York, Pennsylvania.
As a professional in the field, you’d expect him to know the ins and outs about ADHD, but he really knows it intimately as he has it himself.
He shares with us what it was like to be diagnosed at age 36 and his stance on treatment options.
Ellis’ Awesome Quote:

The ADHD Pro Who is Pro ADHD Medicatiion
“People who are diagnosed
they don’t have to suffer and struggle
there’s treatment out there.”


Pro ADHD Medication

Ellis is not one with a wishy-washy approach to medication. He is resolute, medicate first and then add behavioral strategies as needed. Quite a different approach to many who do it the other way around.
His reasoning is sound. With ADHD affecting working memory and executive functioning, clients who are on medication will remember the skills learned after pills, not before.
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The ADHD Pro Who is Pro ADHD Medication
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