Play Helps ADHD Management According to Research

Dr. Kirsten Milliken was already knowledgeable about ADHD as a psychologist working with clients as well as having it herself. So, imagine her surprise, while later attending coach training classes, that she’d stumble upon one of her own personal values, which would transform her life. Play.
Kirsten’s Awesome Quote:

PlayDHD“Play isn’t an activity, it’s an
attitude, and you can approach
any task with a playful attitude.”


Play & ADHD

Play helps with brain development and skill development. You can learn how to direct your efforts in a way that positively enhances your life. Be sure to read Dr. Milliken’s book and discover for yourself how having a playful mindset can help you in managing your ADHD.
Play & ADHD

“Play is the pathway to being an ADHD superstar! Consider all of the famous people who have ADHD- Einstein, Adam Levine, Michael Phelps, Jim Carey, Malcomb Forbes and Shane Victorino, to name a few. All known for being playful in their own way. If you are an adult with ADHD, this book is your prescription to play. This book focuses on how developing a more playful mindset and habit of engaging in playful activities can actually help you to manage symptoms and excel with ADHD. It’s likely that you were never encouraged to play to meet your potential, much less to have fun in an effort to be more creative, happy, energetic, and productive. After a lifetime of being urged to “stop goofing off” and to “take things more seriously,” Dr. Milliken offers scientific evidence that play is actually what you need to better manage your difficulties with attention. ADHD is a serious problem. But your approach to it doesn’t have to be. PlayDHD: Permission to Play…A Prescription for Adults with ADHD is written for adults with ADHD as well as for those who just want to remember how to play more. This is one book you will actually be able to say you read all the way through! With scientific evidence, humorous anecdotes, playful activities, short passages, and color graphics, this book captures and holds the attention of even the most unfocused mind.”

Tell us below how you incorporate play into your day!
~ Jennie



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  1. I absolutely LOVE Kirsten and was so surprised when I got to meet her in person at the ACO conference! She is fun and playful! She has a heart of gold. Without her friendship, I would not be the coach I am today! I have to run for now. It’s time to play with my purple unicorn:).

    Sherri Dolheimer

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