ADHD Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Since I have ADHD, I’m irritable. That’s one of the common symptoms. And since I’m irritable, I have a lot of pet peeves. A lot of them.

1. One of my favorites is on the phone:

“And what is your last name?”


“Can you spell that?”


I’ve never actually done that, but it sure is tempting.

But, seriously, folks – on to the important stuff.

2. “ADHD doesn’t exist.”

Right, let’s ignore tons of careful scientific research, and the careful use of criteria and standards to make the diagnosis, and the suffering of the 8% of US kids and 4% of US adults that show the same pattern of symptoms, and just go with your gut feelings. Right.

3. “You just need to try harder.”

Gee, I wish I’d thought of that.

4. “Why can’t you just let boys be boys?”

Yes, let’s let the boys disrupt the learning of all the other kids, and drive the teacher nuts, and start abusing drugs at an early age, and flunk out or get kicked out of school, and wind up in juvenile. Yes, let’s do that. Why interfere?

5. “Do you want to drug your kids up and turn them into zombies?”

No, actually, I’d rather not. I’d rather get them the help they need, and often it’s medicine, so they can focus and do their homework and not be constantly getting into trouble.

6. “I don’t want to put any chemicals into my body.”

Well, I’m glad you’ve given up the cigarettes, and the pot, and the meth. Oh, you haven’t? Well, are you working on giving up the O2 and H2O?

7. The arrogance of ignorance.

Nuff said.


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ADHD Pet Peeves

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