Parenting & Positivity with ADHD

Liz Lewis has a lot to offer as a mentor…she’s a teacher, freelance writer, Mom, wife, has ADHD, and is busy creating a lifestyle brand for others like her!
Her message is one of positivity about being a parent, having ADHD, and shedding the stigma that she felt as a child having to go to the nurse’s office every day at school in order to take her ADHD medication.
She has a Facebook Page and website by the same name, A Dose of Healthy Distraction, and is all about building up a community of like minded women who find themselves busy with work, parenting and getting distracted.
Liz’s Awesome Quote:

“… you don’t have to be
ashamed … tell the people
close to you.”



Parenting & Positivity

Did you know that ADHD runs in families? So, often the parent of a child with ADHD has it themselves. What happens then? According to Liz, it’s a lifestyle, a “crazy, disorganized, eccentric lifestyle.” Be sure to check out her blog and sign up for her newsletter!
She promises her emails are non-annoying and infrequent, what more could you ask for?
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~ Jennie


Resources Mentioned:
A Dose of Healthy Distraction
Liz’s Facebook Group
Julie Harris Design

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