Parenting & ADHD

Parenting, ADHD & Parenting Abroad

What do parenting, ADHD & Parenting Abroad (the podcast) have in common? Jennifer Zoll Langkjaer. She’s learned through her life’s experiences what she likes and what she doesn’t, but recently, she’s discovered that when she involves herself in something she’s passionate about, life is more fun and her world is more wonderful. So, what’s her passion?
Helping parents who are raising American kids overseas become educated citizens of the US. Parents just like her. So, she decided to start podcasting about it. Please subscribe and share her show, Parenting Abroad.
Somewhat originally from Texas, Jennifer moved around quite a bit as a child. Currently, she and her family live in Switzerland. Listen to this episode as she shares with us what life is like as an ex-Pat including the challenges of raising kids abroad, it’s really interesting.
Jennifer’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD & Parenting Abroad
“It’s not laziness,
and it’s not defiance.”



Parenting & ADHD

While she’s not sure she has ADHD herself, Jennifer explains that all the signs point to yes. Through her son’s rigorous diagnostic process she learned about ADHD and the truth about what it is and what it isn’t. It was in learning how to be a better parent for him, she also learned about how to be more gentle with herself.
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Parenting & ADHD


You Mean, I’m Not Crazy, Lazy, or Stupid?

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