Strategies That Help ADHD & Overcommitting

Strategies That Help ADHD & Overcommitting

René Brooks knows what it’s like to have a hard time saying no. A people pleaser by nature, she and I discuss strategies to help ADHD and overcommitting.
From agreeing to help a friend in a bind to taking on more and more jobs that involve crochet, René finds it difficult to tell someone that she just has no time and cannot help out right now.
What happens is that she commits to projects that even she isn’t sure she’ll really be able to do, but saying no just doesn’t feel right. After all, she does truly want to help.
Rene’s Awesome Quote:

Strategies That Help ADHD & Overcommitting
“Saying yes to everybody…
that’s a big fault of mine.”



ADHD & Overcommitting

René and I talk about why it’s so difficult for her to say no and come up with three strategies that could be used in order to avoid the negative spiral that starts by never saying no. The stress and emotional impact for someone who finds themselves in this position over and over again does damage their self-esteem.
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