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Organize Mindfully and Watch What Happens

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Organize Mindfully & Mindful Vegan

Mark Dillon is passionate about mindfulness. When I first interviewed him, his podcast was Organizing Mindfully. Now his focus is on Mindful Vegan.

So, while this episode is about how to organize mindfully, please do go check out Mindful Vegan too!

Mark’s Awesome Quote:

Mindful Vegan“With partnerships, the key is…
accepting that that’s the way
the other person does it.”



Organize Mindfully

Organize Mindfully is the creation of Mark Dillon. His website and podcast of the same name, along with his book Organize Mindfully – 7 Steps to Create and Maintain Order in Your Life, all serve to spread new perspectives, ideas, and strategies to inspire everyone to organize mindfully.

Listen, as he explains how to embrace the concept of being open to processes that can enhance the way you organize as well as the way you live your life.

Mark is creative, caring, and genuinely looks to connect with others. His newest venture is the Mindful Vegan podcast.

A podcast to simply bring vegan food into your life! Listen on the blog @ or on iTunes Mindful Vegan

You can find him on social media:           Facebook           Twitter           Instagram

~ Jennie


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Organize Mindfully


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