Can Occupational Therapy Help with ADHD?

Can Occupational Therapy help with ADHD? Listen as we find out.
Stephanie Lancaster joins me today from Memphis, Tennessee, to share this resource for children and adults with ADHD.
First of all, Occupational Therapy (OT) can help with sensory processing challenges due to ADHD.
You can check her out as the Out Loud OT on her links below. (Twitter, Pinterest)

Stephanie Lancaster, MS, OTR/L, ATP, is an occupational therapist with 25 years of clinical experience. As an assistant professor,
Stephanie trumpets the value of teaching and practicing in the field of OT in an “out loud” manner.

Stephanie’s Awesome Quote:

Occupational Therapy Help
“It’s really some simple
strategies and education.”

Occupational Therapy Help

Most of all, as an Occupational Therapist, Stephanie helps with “main life activities”.
For children, that includes learning, interacting with people and learning self-help in addition to social and play skills.
She can also provide a thorough activity analysis from which solutions to an individual’s struggles can be devised.
OT’s consider environmental modifications and prep techniques that focus on function and self-advocacy.
As a result, it supports the person doing for themselves.
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~ Jennie


Occupational Therapy Help


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Occupational Therapy Help


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Occupational Therapy Help

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