Motivation: Understanding Tarp Time and ADHD

Listen, today as Tim Tarpley, from Trident Sports Forth Worth, talks about how he helps with motivation and what works for him.
Long time listener, turned guest, Tim joins us from Texas!
His journey into understanding his own ADHD may hit home for many of you.
Especially, when he describes his feeling like a fake at times.
You see, although he’s a successful entrepreneur and personal trainer, behind the scenes, he sees the mess, the unpaid bills, and knows it’s not always easy to get his attention.
In fact, it was only a year ago he was hiding the fact that he has ADHD, but now says, he’s done with all that.
He’s awesome, he knows it, and he wants you to know that it’s possible for you to feel the same.
Tim’s Awesome Quote:

“I’ve had ADHD as long as I can remember
but I just thought I was weird.”


Tarp Time

Tarp Time‘, available on iTunes and Google+, is Tim with his friends, enjoying each other as they talk about whatever, and generally speaking is an amazing show!
I recommend listening if you’re looking for laughs.


I also recommend checking out Trident Sports Fort Worth about their race events like Gear Up to End Hunger.
Tell them you heard about them on See in ADHD.





Trident Sports:




Please let us know if you’d like to see them offer some online services!
~ Jennie



Tim Tarpley
Founder, Triathlete, and Endurance Trainer

Trident Sports
2551 River Park Plaza Suite 200
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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