ADHD Motivation and Forgiveness


A really fascinating fact:
Motivation and Forgiveness are two examples of neurological behaviors. Bet you didn’t know that.
Let’s break this down.


So, motivation is not a character trait, after all.
Although, it’s always seemed like it was to me. Either I am motivated or I am lazy…or somewhere in between the two.
But it turns out that motivation is actually a chemical reaction in our brains.
It has to do with dopamine levels in our frontal cortex, the area responsible for activation and inhibition.
If enough dopamine doesn’t get there, our actions and reactions are less influenced to, well, act.
Those with ADHD have an especially difficult time regulating dopamine levels.
It’s terribly unpredictable and shows up pretty much as often as a fair-weathered friend.
Solution: Increase dopamine levels.
This is why medications, such as stimulants, work fairly well in many people with ADHD.
By raising dopamine levels, focus, attention, and working memory all work together to help you feel motivated.
Suggestion: Being interested in tasks is also extremely helpful in raising dopamine levels. So, if you can generate some interest around tasks that you are not interested in you will increase your motivation to do them. Creating a reward system is one example.
To look at forgiveness, please see my original article here.
~ Jennie

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