Mother's Day with SuperADDMom

Celebrating Mother’s Day with SuperADDmom

Mother’s Day guilt plagues many ADHD moms who already question if they are good enough. When reality is sometimes the laundry isn’t done and sometimes dinner is bologna sandwiches, how do we embrace this day of celebrating our Momminess?
ADHD and Ability Coach, Ril Giles, is SuperADDmom. Listen as she describes her experiences helping us answer this question.
We laugh, we cry, no…not really…well, we do laugh…a lot…and talk about how no mom is alone. The path of motherhood can be a challenge for any woman. When you have ADHD that path can seem, in some ways, more challenging AND in other ways more fun!
Ril’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Moms“We’re pretty awesome as moms,
you know, we make kids from scratch!”



Mother’s Day & ADHD

Ril describes it as being the mom who is scrambling to wash the soccer outfit 20 minutes before your child has to be wearing it on the soccer field or the mom who is tossing together weird ingredients and calling it spaghetti because you forgot some key ingredient at the grocery store because you didn’t use a shopping list.
The madcap mania she describes is a part of being a mother with ADHD. But so is being the fun parent who can get on the floor and play with her kids…and a lot of other reasons that we talk about, so tune in!
This Mother’s Day give yourself break and realize how wonderful you are, that’s what we’re planning.
~ Jennie


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