More Movement and ADHD

‘More movement’ sums up a lot about my guest, Kris Moauro (pronounced More-Oh), who discovered at age 36 that he has ADHD, finally explaining why he was always on the move.
I met Kris back in 2013 at ADDCoach Academy (ADDCA) where we both trained to be ADHD Coaches.
Listen in, as I catch up with what’s he’s been up to…it’s exciting!
Kris’ Awesome Quote:

More Movement in ADHD“I saw what all those negative beliefs and thoughts
did to me. I’m a firm believer you can change
that around and start putting positive things in.”


More Movement

It was after his diagnosis when self-discovery and self-awareness inspired the creation of his company More Movement. As he says on his website, “I want to be a part of a world that empowers people with ADHD to KEEP MOVING towards the experience of connecting to a loving, supporting community of acceptance.”
Moral Obligation Reachout Engagement
(Not only is Kris a collegue of mine, he’s a successful singer/songwriter and has a television project coming out soon.)
If you’d like to know more about Kris or contact him, visit:
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~ Jennie

More Movement and ADHD

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