ADHD Misunderstood

ADHD Misunderstood: Scott Latty’s Big Idea

Scott Latty knows that ADHD is misunderstood. He’s out to change that. As he and I discuss, sometimes you do have to help yourself first in order to help others, but sometimes in helping others, you end up helping yourself.
In this episode, Scott shares details that are all too familiar for folks with ADHD. He has trouble focusing, attending to details, and engaging with routine tasks like ironing and filing.
Yet, there is that spark of genius that shines brilliantly when encouraged.
That’s why he knows getting this film out there is important. He knows it’s a lofty goal, but thinking big is something he’s really good at!
Scott’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Misunderstood
“I remember thinking to myself…
I don’t focus, my brain is going round
in circles and I can’t control it.”


ADHD Misunderstood

Scott recounts the feeling of never being understood. He explains, that even in how he expresses himself at times can be frustrating; hence, the title of his film, Misunderstood.
Although he knows that on occasion he comes off as argumentative, on the inside he’s thinking, “Listen to what I’m saying,” because he wants to be heard.
The misunderstandings that come from missed social cues and a racy mind can take their toll, but he keeps up a good attitude as he shares some very poignant, and sometimes funny, stories from his life. You’ll have to listen to hear them.
Although the film never speaks of ADHD, it is the underlying issue. Scott’s message is “Accept it,” and talk to us. ADHD and other mental conditions do not mean a person has no talents or value.
I encourage you to go visit Scott on Facebook and let him know you heard him here and what your thoughts are on what he’s doing or, better yet, ask how you can help him.
Feel free to leave comments or questions below.
~ Jennie

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ADHD Misunderstood
ADHD Misunderstood
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