A Mission Greater Than Yourself & Your ADHD

A Mission Greater Than Yourself & Your ADHD

When a mom advises to find “a mission greater than yourself,” it may seem she’s referring to motherhood. When Amber Elizabeth Jumper says it, she’s talking about motherhood and more!
Amber Elizabeth has found purpose in raising business and babies. (And, she didn’t think she could make a difference on such a large scale.)
Check out below, all of the beautiful eco-friendly jewelry she’s selling via network marketing from home.
Amber Elizabeth’s Awesome Quote:

A Mission Great Than Yourself & Your ADHD
“You have to find a
purpose bigger than yourself.”


A Mission Greater Than ADHD

There are many reasons someone with ADHD may enjoy working from home. Listen, as Amber Elizabeth rattles off four really good ones, but the number one reason she’s involved in her current work-from-home role isn’t even on that list.
Amber Elizabeth has found purpose through being home for her kids AND saving our planet. When she discovered Color by Amber, she jokes, “When I heard of the company it had my name all over it…literally.”
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