Mindset, Self-Talk

Mindset, Self-Talk, and Storytelling

In this episode learn how mindset, self-talk, and storytelling collide to create an impact that can change YOUR life.
Louis Di Bianco is a wonderful storyteller. In fact, I’d say, the magic of his life’s stories parallel the magic of the movies. How apropos that he’s an actor!
He shares the story that is his life in hopes it will inspire, as well as demonstrate, how changing your story can change your life!
He even has a podcast dedicated to this mission, Change Your Story, Change Your Life.
Please be sure to check it out. I was even on his show —>>> Prison or Paradise: Labels That Define You
Louis’ Awesome Quote:

Mindset, Self-Talk
“Stories really express the
deepest part of who we are.”



Mindset, Self-Talk

How do we make decisions about what we’re gonna do? Louis challenges us to be active participants in our own drama versus being a spectator on the sidelines.
He encourages people to lose the victim story that could be holding them back and instead, adopt a victor story that empowers.
Listen, as he poses two questions to ask yourself, you choose the one you want: the limiting one, “Why me?” or the empowering one, “What’s Great about this?”
Please tell us below how your mindset and self-talk affect you.
~ Jennie

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Mindset, Self-Talk

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