Making Relationships Work

Making Relationships Work (When Both Don’t Have ADHD)

To bring us expert insights into making relationships work when one has ADHD and the other doesn’t, I could think of no better person than Diane Dempster. She’s an ADHD Coach and Parent Trainer, with firsthand knowledge. Her partner, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, and she, cofound Impact ADHD, an organization dedicated to helping parents help kids.
I was tickled to discover that, like me, she doesn’t have ADHD herself but lives with family who does. She also shares with me the status of a non-ADHD child who grew up with an ADHD parent and she’s the first person I’ve interviewed on the show who doesn’t have ADHD.
She’s also a wealth of knowledge on parenting kids with ADHD. (Plus, she’s fun.) Listen in on us talking about some of the issues that arise when parents question if their kids are being naughty or if it’s just neurological. She’s also explains how choice leads to change and how a perspective of strength vs challenge leads you to look beyond any label.
Diane’s Awesome Quote:

Relationships Between People With ADHD and People Without It
“It’s about assuming best intention
and understanding the impact.”



Making Relationships Work

From her interactions with a parent, a husband, kids and a business partner, as well as friends, colleagues, and clients, Diane shares what she’s learned in terms of making relationships work when both people have “different kinds of brains”.
You can contact her on Twitter @ImpactADHD or:
Diane Dempster, CPC, PCC
Parent Coach & Co-Founder
(404) 895-3030 cell
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