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Reasons to Love ADHD Conferences

Day 2…and we’re talking about why we love ADHD Conferences like the one where Brett and I met.
Brett is my partner in crime as the co-host of The ADD Couple.
In this episode, he shares the story of how we met and ultimately decided to work together.
Brett’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Conferences
“Once in a while, take a leap, because you never
know what’s gonna come as a result of that leap.”



Love ADHD Conferences

Brett Thornhill is a fellow ADHD Coach whom I met at the 2015 CHADD Conference in New Orleans, Louisianna. He’s been on my show before and you can access his story here. It’s worth listening to because while his is point of view unique for him, it’s also the story of millions.
For him, just attending the conference was stretching his comfort zone. There were a million reasons why he easily could not have stayed home. But in going, he discovered new people and opportunities.
So, he wants to encourage you to do the same and sometimes take a leap yourself. It could pay off in spades!
Please let us know your thoughts on this episode below.
~ Jennie


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ADHD Medication ControversyADHD Medication Controversy

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