Uncontained Boredom

Living Life Uncontained is Better Than Boredom

It’s estimated that of all of the people that have ADHD, 85% of them are undiagnosed. My guest today may be one of those people, but we don’t know. What we do know is, that for him, living life uncontained is better than boredom.
Aaron ‘Static’ Render is the host of the podcast Uncontained. Listen, as he has discussions with entertainers such as actors, musicians, and comedians who share their stories and advice for other entertainers getting started in show business.
Aaron’s Awesome Quote:

Uncontained Boredom“I feel alright with it…
I’d rather have that than boredom.”



Life Uncontained

Aaron has been in the radio industry for seven years, which prompted him to create his own show. He wants to influence others to live despite what society says, to help motivate them (and himself) through networking and learning from others who have much to share.
Aaron has many talents lending themselves to voiceover work and standup comedy. Today he shares a little of his impressionistic humor imitating Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Seinfeld, and yes…even Mickey Mouse!
Be sure to check him out, but be forewarned, his podcast’s episode’s contain some explicit content.
~ Jennie



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