Making a Difference For Kids Who Learn Differently

It’s a fact, some kids who learn differently thrive in a special kind of school.
Listen in, as Cyndy, someone who was diagnosed with ADHD later in life, describes her journey of discovering a passion for education and successfully turning it into opportunities for the young ones in her community.
She had a great idea! By visiting businesses and organizations who keep up with the latest and greatest best practices for the special needs community, her school implements them for her students, and the children, their families, and the community benefits.
Cyndy’s Awesome Quote:

Kids Who Learn Differently
“They really do want to be smart
and they really do want to learn.”



Learn Differently

Cyndy Sanchez ended up creating a school for kids who learn differently. Whether on the Autism Spectrum, diagnosed with dyslexia, or having ADHD, her school makes the difference for these children because their being different doesn’t matter.
The Academy teaches in whatever manner each student learns and make no mistake, everyone at Helping Hearts learns.
Located at 4811 Woodlawn Ave. Maurice, La 70555 … Helping Hearts Academy has the vision “to become the premier learning institute of the south that best serves the needs of the children with learning differences and their parents while fully maximizing the child’s learning potential.”
Please feel free to reach out and discover Helping Hearts Academy yourself by emailing Ms. Cyndy at or calling 337-385-2703. They can also be found on Facebook at Helping Hearts Academy.
~ Jennie


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Kids Who Learn Differently

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