Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. Please welcome to the show today, the clean corporate comedian and humorist, Jeff Allen.

He’s a devoted man to God and family and has a lot to share about his life and success, and yes, ADHD.
Be sure to check out this video from his YouTube Channel:


Jeff’s Awesome Quote:

“If the designer of us didn’t want this, then there
wouldn’t be so many healing benefits to laughter .”


The Best Medicine

Jeff shares with us many stories including his experience with ADHD medication as well as the road that lead him to here.
Enjoying a career, now, that allows him to shine in the spotlight, it’s not in the way he had envisioned when he was younger.
He’s 60 now and frames the struggles and challenges he faced growing up in a new way.
And he has new goals, ones that especially highlight time with his wife, children, and grandkids but also include writing a book about his amazing journey.
Check out his website and Facebook page, here’s just one of his many reviews:

“We have over 300 performances a year on stage and Jeff Allen is always one of our favorites. Jeff has the ability to connect with his audience and turns stories from his family and life experiences into a hilarious routine that will guarantee to leave your audience in tears. Just as you can count on Jeff delivering laughs, you can also count on him keeping his show clean and family friendly. I would highly recommend Jeff for any of your events.”
~ Ryan Riegsecker

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, I hope he comes back after writing that book!
Please let us know your thoughts on the show,
~ Jennie



Jeff Allen Comedy:
Laughter Is the Best Medicine


Jeff Allen on YouTube:
Laughter Is the Best Medicine



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  1. This was truly a great episode, Jennie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It always strikes me when I hear a comedian speaking about their life, but not in the context of their routine. There’s still plenty of entertainment, but what strikes me the most is the incredible self-awareness and “meta-cognition” that they display, and Jeff definitely fit that bill. But I also recognize what a challenge, and how intimidating it can be when you’re interviewing a comedian and you have to strike a balance between trying to tap into their insight without asking them to be funny and “work”. You displayed tremendous skill in finding that balance. Great show!!

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