Journey Into Life With ADHD

Journey Into Life With ADHD

Life is a journey and Eric Tivers has journeyed into life with ADHD. If nothing else, you could say he’s discovered that it’s all been quite A.T.R.I.P.
Beginning with his life’s education, Eric shares his college experience and recounts how he came to discover his ADHD and what he did to manage it.
You won’t believe the impact ADHD medication made on him.
Eric’s Awesome Quote:

Journey Into Life With ADHD
“I just uncovered a huge, huge
blindspot…it changed the
way I thought about myself.”


Journey Into Life

A self-taught musician, Eric has learned what it means to hone in on your strengths and to mitigate your weaknesses. If you’re looking for tips and tricks, he delivers plenty, from dealing with time-blindness to handling the shame that comes from the long road travelled with ADHD.
I especially enjoy the intimate details Eric shares in this episode and recommend that if you, or someone you love, is on their journey into life, wanting to find out how to embrace their ADHD, listen to the special offer Eric is giving to See in ADHD talk radio listeners.
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