Interests, Hobbies, Careers with ADHD

Interests, hobbies, careers, they aren’t always the same things when you have ADHD. Listen as Alex Hofeldt shares his challenge in finding his way to success.
It’s not easy to decide on a direction when your interests are many, your talents are unique, and the choice between passion and security seem to be totally opposite from one another. Such is the life of many an ADHDer including my guest today.
Alex Hofeldt was in fact my first ever guest on See in ADHD talk radio and he returns today to give us an update on his awesome life. Check out Episode 1 here.
Alex’ Awesome Quote:

Alex Hofeldt 2
“I feel like there’s this person I’m supposed to be … a constant
voice in my head of I need to do x or y instead of just being me.”


Interests, Hobbies, Careers

ADHD has never held Alex back from being his authentic self; although, it’s presented challenges at times. In this episode he shares his struggle between doing what he loves to do, what brings him security, and what brings him joy. Spoiler alert…it’s more than 3 things!
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