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ADHD Medication and the Info Doctors Don’t Share

Did you know that there’s some info doctors don’t share when prescribing ADHD medication? If they did, a lot of mistakes could be lessened or, in some cases, altogether prevented.
In our discussion, René Brooks and I talk about making mistakes that can’t be helped versus the ones that can, which takes us on an interesting journey into ADHD awareness, education, and medication.
Listen, as she shares what it was like when she was first diagnosed and given her ADHD medication.
René’s Awesome Quote:

Rene with Kaleidoscope Society
“You can’t keep bouncing back and
forth between being consistent and
inconsistent and expect to get anywhere.”


Info Doctors Don’t Share

When René was first treated for ADHD, she had big ideas about the medication she was given, and learned the hard way about the info doctors don’t share, including hers. So, what happens when you think one thing and the truth is something else? Rene has an engaging way of telling her stories, so find a comfy spot, sit back, and enjoy.
René Brooks is the creator of and a talented blogger, crocheter, ADHD advocate and adventurer.
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