Improve Focus

Improve Focus in ADHD with Tools and Techniques

Mike Acquaviva shares with us today, the tools and techniques he uses to improve focus. After all, focus is one of the main challenges associated with ADHD.
Listen, as he goes over them one by one and see below for his list of resources.
Mike’s Awesome Quote:

“We need to start by limiting our priorities.”


Improve Focus

3 Step system to get more things done and to stay focused (will help to access flow state)

Organize Environment
Remove Distractions
Amplify Focus

First limit amount of tasks to reduce overwhelm
limit online tabs to only ones needed for project
Use a tool like Rocketdoc to keep all important software and programs ready that you always use
Or just pin these programs to your task bar (if using windows 10)
Have food ready so your not tempted to go back into the kitchen

1.  Organize Environment

A. Organize External Environment
Clean up your room to prevent being distracted
Only have notes for the task your working on, next to your computer
Keep a notepad for random ideas that pop up when working on a task/project

B. Organize Internal Environment
Before working on a project take a few minutes to slow the mind down with meditation
Just get in a comfortable posture and breath in and out through your nose for a count of 5-7 each focusing on your breath.
If any “must do’s” or random thoughts pop up : just return to focusing on and counting the breath
This strengthens pre-frontal cortex responsible for such things as (planning your day, visualizing your future, and focusing on activities.
The seat of control and (director/captain of the ship)
Great meditation apps : Simple Habit, Aurahealth, Headspace

C. Organize Computers/Internet Environment
Still in pre-planning phase for the important task
Create folder for project on computer
Go into settings (if using google chrome) then “advanced” and choose the folder you just created in the “downloads” box
Use a tool like momentum to keep your main priority in front of you and any additional tasks.
Utilize chunking and break down the tasks into smaller pieces

2.  Remove Distractions

Figure out what resources you need for the task (websites,programs)
Use FocusMe (best option) or Freedom to block yourself from distracting sites
For blocking distracting ads on social media (Youtube Distraction Free , Newsfeed Eradicator)
Multitasking (what I call dual focus syndrome) is impossible. Your brain never multitasks… it task switches between different tasks. Can only focus on one thing at a time.
After task switching it takes brain upwards of 25 min to return focus fully to the next task!
Check out this article on the correlation between multitasking and marijuana usage
(In FocusMe) add the sites you want to use for the important task
And choose (block unknown applications/sites)
But before you start the app refer to part 3 : amplify focus

3.  Amplify Focus

Brain has different frequencies (brainwaves) corresponding with varying levels of wakefulness
(alpha state is mostly associated with focus) (theres also beta,gamma,delta,theta)
Use a tool like Brain.FM to change brainwaves to increase your attention/focus on the task
Include Brain.FM in list of allowed programs in FocusMe
If using Brain FM mobile app place your phone behind computer to prevent being further distracted
Choose a period of 30-50 minutes to work uninterrupted
When ready start FocusMe (making sure you have all necessary sites/applications open and allowed)
You can also use a tool like Forest to incentivize you to stay focused (and plant trees)
Combine Forest/Brain.FM (plus other focus apps) and FocusMe to CRUSH ANY TASK in record time!!

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