IEP for ADHD: It’s Never Too Late

While schools have been in session for a while now, if you are just now thinking about an IEP for ADHD, that’s okay; it’s never too late to either put one in place or tweak one for enhanced support.
Agnes Green joins me today to talk about Individualized Educational Plans (IEP’s).
As a guide for our conversation we reference an article from ADDitude Magazine, IEP’s and 504’s Explained.
Aggie’s Awesome Quote:

“I think the best way to have
accommodations is to accommodate so
that the child can do for themselves.”



As Agnes explains, with ADHD, we need to create our executive function outside of ourselves. An IEP can help do that by requiring specific tools, systems and processes that will help the child in their unique areas of challenge.
She also advises that working closely with your kid’s teacher is perhaps the most important thing you can do.

Tweak It or Change It
An IEP is not set in stone. Certain strategies may not work as well as expected, or better ideas might be
introduced. In addition to the accommodations listed in the IEP, write into the document, “If the student begins to
struggle, the teacher and parent will talk with each other immediately, and the IEP will be adjusted as needed in
between IEP meetings.” ~ Chris Dendy

Agnes can be reached via her website
On Facebook, Agnes Green Coaching, or join her and me in the facebook group, See in ADHD.
~ Jennie


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