Vertical Heterophoria Exposed

Vertical Heterophoria Exposed in ADHD

René Brooks recognized the symptoms of Vertical Heterophoria and took action,which led to finding the solution for a problem she didn’t even know she had! You too, may be a candidate for special prism glasses, which alleviate all of the symptoms of Vertical Heterophoria without medication!

In yesterday’s episode, Dr. Cheryl Berger-Israeloff, brought awareness to an affliction that may not be well known; yet, affects between 5 – 10% of the population and is showing up in the ADHD population. It’s a type of Binocular Vision Disorder called Vertical Heterophoria. Perhaps the link has to do with the deregulation of another of our body’s systems?

Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, imbalance, neck aches, eye pain…the list goes on and many eye doctors don’t even know about it.

René’s Awesome Quote:

Vertical Heterophoria: Exposed in ADHD“Oh my God, I can’t believe it!”



Vertical Heterophoria Exposed

In this episode, after René took the 5 minute cover test, that you can perform on yourself at home, she found Dr. Kathryn Collins in PA. She went on to record her visit to the clinic and is now sharing it with us. Be sure and visit Dr. Cheryl, Dr. Kathy, and Dr. Debby at where you’ll find more information and a link to the free test you can easily take online!

Dr. Cheryl is also on Facebook. Or call her at 516-224-4888. The Neuro Visual Center of New York is located at 300 Garden City Plaza Suite 404, Garden City, NY.

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Here are links:      Dr. Cheryl Berger-Israeloff              Dr. Kathryn Collins             Dr. Debby Feinberg

René Brooks can be found at @roseytrellis and

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