You Are Not Wrong To Have ADHD

Out of 4 kids in the family, the only one to have ADHD is my guest today, Katie. As a close knit family, the all agree, “You are not wrong to have ADHD.”
She describes how her ADHD wasn’t picked up by teachers early on because she wasn’t causing problems in the classroom.
Now, however, looking back, she says all the signs were there, her hands were constantly shaking, legs constantly kicking …”but I wasn’t screaming!”
Katie’s Awesome Quote:

“You are not wrong to have ADHD. It’s a part
of you and it’s not going away and that’s okay.”



To Have ADHD

Katie is a recent college graduate! We talk about the tips she recommends, like using a bullet journal.
After all, she attributes her success to using tools and being strict with alarms and calendars.
Here favorite apps:
Epic Win Swiftime












Resources Mentioned:
How to ADHD:

How to ADHD on YouTube












My Little Villagers:




CHADD / Children & Adult with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder




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