The Glitches and Glitter of ADHD

The Glitches and Glitter of ADHD

“That’s the glitches and glitter of my ADHD,” is the best way I’ve heard, in a long time, to describe the double edge sword that defines ADHD.
Billie Henderson, mommy, wife, and adventurer, joins me in this episode, sharing her experience when first trying acupuncture to treat her anxiety associated with ADHD.
Because she is not one for pharmacological treatments, she instead, turns to the “I’ll try anything once” method that has probably served her best.
Billie’s Awesome Quote:

The Glitches and Glitter of ADHD
“For a long time I just got stuck in the glitches
and the negative self-talk that comes with that
… it’s the nevers and the always that kill ya.”



Glitches and Glitter

Exploring the glitches and glitter of ADHD with Billie becomes a poignant journey because of her insightful awesomeness. Most of all, she’ll wow you with one example after another in her soul baring jaunt into her psyche.
I admire her bravery as she opens up with stories that will have you on the edge of your seat.
One especially relevant example of an ADHD glitch, according to Billie, is when she hears of something and says, “Ooh, I really want to do that,” only to later admit, “Oh yeah, I forgot about it.” Or, when she describes how heartbreaking it is that sometimes, even with her kids, she mentally just isn’t “there.”
Yet, when she shines, she’s all glitter, because when she manages to do 5 things at once, quickly and effectively, it’s much to the amazement of others. And, take her photographic memory, it’s one to envy, as she credits it to knowing where anything is at any given moment.
In conclusion, Billie gives us two resources: the acupuncturist that she went to (ask for Janet) and the herbal formula suggested to her:
The Glitches and Glitter of ADHDThe Glitches and Glitter of ADHD









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