The Game-changer: Sports

The Game-changer: Sports and ADHD

The game-changer: sports. My guest today: Tom Morgan. Listen in, as he shares insights on life with ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, and Tourette Syndrome.
Tom begins with stories of his childhood, recounting how his family and school life was pretty rough. Due to the fact that no one understood him, they labeled him a naughty boy. But, he couldn’t help behaving the way he did.
Finally, at 15, he was diagnosed with Tourette’s and then at 21, with ADHD and Asperger’s.
Diagnosis of these conditions set Tom on a whole new journey into self-awareness and self-acceptance. Although, as he tells it, at first he didn’t want to accept any of it and kept everything to himself.
Finally, about a year ago, he decided to go public and share his struggles with his friends and the whole world. He also met Mark Williams and began public speaking and making television appearances, raising much needed awareness into mental health in the UK.
His advice: “Take as much help as you can, it will lift a lot of weight off your shoulders.”
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Tom’s Awesome Quote:

“Be yourself and try to get on
with your life as best you can
and be as happy as you can.”



The Game-changer: Sports

Tom describes how for him, because of his boundless energy, the game-changer was sports. He says sports can change your life and gives credit because of the unity it brings people.
He loves all things about rugby even though he’s had 30 operations due to injuries.
His passion is obvious as he tells me how he loves putting his all into the game; however, he also admits at one point when he was younger, it was a bit of a problem trying to maintain that same intensity off the field.
He’s finally happy just being who he is. He’s also happy to help spread the message to others, that whether it’s sports or art or music, just do what you love and love yourself.
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The Game-changer: Sports

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