Different Forms of Financial Reward

Different Brains May Benefit From Different Forms of Financial Reward

Louis Di Bianco returns to the show to share his stories and suggestions for how different brains may benefit from different forms of financial reward.

Louis is a wonderful storyteller as well as actor, please listen to he is previous episode here.

He has his own podcast, Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

Please be sure to check it out. I was even on his show —>>> Prison or Paradise: Labels That Define You
Louis’ Awesome Quote:

“Life on the left side of the
menu is way more enjoyable.”



Financial Reward

Louis shares his insights into many different forms of financial reward that make up our economy today.

A firm believer that your mindset will create your reality, he explains how skepticism can actually prevent you from developing a better income.

There is no information about his company on the show, so, if after the episode you’d like to ask him questions, he can be reached at lousclub@gmail.com

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