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International Fathers Mental Health Day Includes ADHD

Welcome, Mark Williams, founder International Fathers Mental Health Day. #INTFatherMHDay #dadsmhday Listen, as he details his path to its creation. And, while this is the official day’s second year, Mark has been on my show before! Please listen to his previous episode here. Today, he delves into his story deeper, sharing details of the darker side of undiagnosed ADHD including alcohol and substance abuse. Fortunately, Mark sought help and lives to tell his tale. He hopes by sharing all, it will help others to seek help too.


Fathers Mental Health

Mark Williams was awarded Local Hero at the Pride of Britain Awards and Inspirational Father of the year in 2012. He was also shortlisted for an award with Mind Media the same year. In 2016 he was chosen to meet the Royal Family on Worlds Mental Health Day 2016.

Mark has written about Fathers’ mental health in several publications and has appeared on BBC Breakfast, ITV NEWS, Good Morning Britain and Channel 5. His story has been told in USA, Austraila New Zealand,Canada, Africa, Asia. He has also appeared in television documentaries concerning mental health including Channel 5’s My Secret Past on Postnatal Depression with Jennifer Ellison. He is an author, blogger, vlogger and most importantly, an activist for mental health.
For more visit: reachingoutpmh.co.uk

Mark Williams does all he can to focus on fathers’ mental health issues. He’s been on several television and radio interviews as well as met with members of the Royal Family.

I think he’s well on his way to achieve one of his many future aspirations, to become the British Tony Robbins!



Please be sure to check out his website or Tweet him @MarkWilliamsFMH! Follow him on Twitter: International Fathers Mental Health   and Founder  Inspirational Father of the Year 2012.
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