If You are Faster Than Normal, This is Your Podcast

If you are faster than normal, this is your podcast:  Faster Than Normal, which features Peter Shankman and fellow ADHD success story guests. Along with tips and tricks, Peter leverages his ADHD for all of its gifts, and helps you learn how to harness your gifts for good!

Peter returns to the show today to talk about his podcast and upcoming book, both named, Faster Than Normal! You can hear him on previous episode 32.

Peter’s Awesome Quote:

Your ADHD Advantage“I’ve never lost, I’ve either
won or I’ve learned!”


Faster Than Normal

Have you found your ADHD advantage? Peter Shankman has and is sharing how you can too! Check him out at Faster Than Normal, and discover your superpowers within.

Taken from his most recent blog post:

“I’ve always said it: I simply hate talking on the phone. Always have. Heck, even my outgoing voicemail says “Hi, don’t leave me a voice mail.” I am so much better at texting and emailing than I ever could be at talking on the phone, which is ironic, since I speak for…”

I urge you to check out all of Peter’s good works including his upcoming book hitting the shelves October 3rd.

~ Jennie

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