Essential Oils Treating The Stress Of ADHD

Today, we discuss the effectiveness of essential oils treating The stresses of ADHD. Cheryl Stewart shares her experiences and expertise.

I’ve been trying to get someone to come on for a while to help explain just what essential oils are and how exactly they are supposed to help with ADHD.

Listen, as Cheryl describes her two children’s diagnosis stories and what got her started down the path to using essential oils.

Cheryl’s Awesome Quote:

“I can’t honestly say that it took everything completely
away but its helping us where we feel we have control
over it and that’s good enough for us right now.”


Essential Oils

Cheryl walks us through some of the essential oils and what symptoms they are commonly used to treat.

As with all treatments, she advises that you consult a doctor first even though they are natural.

Lavender – helps with sleep
Eucalyptus & Tree Tea – help with ear infections
Peppermint Oil – helps with headaches

Doterra also offers special blends such as InTune, a blend of Amyris Bark, Patchouli Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Lime Peel, Ylang Ylang Flower, Hawaiian Sandalwood Wood, and Roman Chamomile Flower essential oils.

Cheryl also describes for us, the differences between brands of oils and why she has chosen to start selling them only now after years of using them.

Please feel free to reach out to her with your questions and join her Facebook Group.

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Essential Oils


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