200th Episode Finale

See in ADHD’s 200th Episode Finale

Join in the fun of See in ADHD’s 200th Episode Finale. Hear ADHD strategies from Brett Thornhill, Wes Gray, and more previous guests!
Happy New Year and thank you for listening to the See in ADHD podcast. (If you love it please leave a 5 star rating and review in iTunes to help boost the ranking. It helps others be able to find the show.)
This is Part 3 of my 200th episode!
I invited 15 previous guests to come on and share their favorite strategies they use to manage their ADHD.
And, it’s not just the 200th episode, but also, at the time of my writing this…there are 180,388 downloads as well.
Okay, I wanted 200,000 by the 200th episode, but hey, we’re almost there!
Jennie’s Awesome Quote:

“I’m changing the cultural conversation around
ADHD two ears at a time http://apple.co/1RGp5xu
Listen how on my podcast http://www.seeinadhd.com.”





200th Episode Finale

This episode we pick up where we left off and the party continues, hence the number 200.25, yes, we’re almost half way through.
First, I have to give a big thank you to friends of mine, Tom and Yvonne Nardone, for co-hosting the show with me.
You can here their previous Episode 90 here.

Brett Thornhill

Brett Thornhill
“As ADHDer’s, we despise routine as an
adjective but we love routine as a noun.”



Brett Thornhill joins us to talk about what helps him best manage his ADHD. You can hear his previous episode here or go to Embrace Your ADHD and learn how to work with him as a coach. He is also my cohost on The ADD Couple podcast.

Wes Gray

Undiagnosed ADHD
“Don’t beat yourself up over failures. You gotta
look at failures as just a step OF success.”



Another previous guest, from Episode 59, Wes Gray, gives us his tip. He’s also producing a documentary called Are You A.D.D.? Please check out his campaign at Heart Productions.
You can also reach him on Facebook.

Michael Ray

Michael Ray
“We dream a lot of a lot of things
whatever it is, write it down.”



Michael shares his ideas around his Wahoo Idea Network with us as well as a tip on how to manage ADHD.
He’s also been on an Awareness Mini Episode back in October, check it out, ‘Risk, Thrill and ADHD‘.

Precious Mackey

“Start getting in the habit of being those voices of encouragement that
you didn’t receive in the way that you needed when you were younger!”



Precious came on Episode 188 to talk with me about being an extroverted introvert!
She also has incredible insight and wisdom that pretty much rocks the house at the end of the show.
Drop the mic.
How’s that for an episode finale?
~ Jennie


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