Epic 100th Episode

See in ADHD’s Epic 100th Episode

Thank you for listening to the See in ADHD podcast. I’m Jennie Friedman and I invite you to join me in celebrating my epic 100th episode!
I wanted this episode to be for you…the people who listen to it, because it’s you, who makes the show possible.
You see, it’s not just the 100th episode, but also, at the time of my writing this…there are 96,635 downloads as well.
Okay, I wanted 100,000 by the 100th episode, but hey, the fact that this show has been played tens of thousands of times in the last 5 months is awesome!
Jennie’s Awesome Quote:

Epic 100th Episode
“I’m changing the cultural conversation around
ADHD two ears at a time http://apple.co/1RGp5xu
Listen how on my podcast http://www.seeinadhd.com.”





Epic 100th Episode

I’ve kept it a secret until now…but basically this is an epic 100th episode!
First, I invited 4 loyal listeners to share with me their favorite guest, and then had them meet (while recording, of course!)
After thanking an incredible friend of mine, Tom Nardone, for his support and contribution, you’ll first hear Michelle and Lynne. Listen to them talk, one mom to another.
Next, you’ll hear from Michael, a truck driver, meet with beauty queen, Brookley. What do they have in common? A love for creative genius and charity!
Another loyal listener is Steve, a graphic artist. Listen, as he meets Andrew, a coach who shares a similar past.
And finally, another Michelle meets her favorite guest, Corey. His explanation of how what “others tell you to focus on is the distraction,” hit home for her, while catapulting him into YouTube notoriety.
So what do mothers, truck drivers, beauty queens, graphic artists, coaches and actors have in common?
See in ADHD and find out for yourself. It seems like, the more we talk about the differences we see in ADHD, the more you’ll see how much everyone has in common.
Please leave a comment below on your thoughts of the show.
~ Jennie


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Epic 100th Episode


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