Empowering Women Through Niceness and No

Empowering Women Through Niceness & “No”

“No, is a complete sentence,” according to this fierce woman who values empowering women through her niceness while teaching them to say NO!
I’m so excited for you to meet her and hear her for yourself. She’s a gifted storyteller and I’m thrilled she’s sharing what she’s learned about a myriad of subjects from embracing fear to how to get motivated.
Oh, and yes, we touch on her ADHD.
Be sure and check out her blog, A Teacher Called Life, at ckinlaw87.blogspot.com or Tweet her @ckinlaw87.
Candace’s Awesome Quote:

Empowering Women
“I’m gonna take my
niceness and I’m gonna
touch the world with it.”





Empowering Women

You know what Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and Napoleon Hill all have in common? They inspired Candace Kinlaw to begin affecting positive change by empowering women. I happened to catch her first Periscope session on Twitter and immediately asked her to join me here on the show.
She’s out to make a difference but she’s also figuring out how as she goes along.
Her latest venture is in creating a home business that helps support her family.
Empowering Women



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~ Jennie



Candace’s Blog:
Empowering Women



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