Emotional Zest of ADHD

The Emotional Zest of ADHD

Do you know about the emotional zest of ADHD? Join me in welcoming YouTuber Bryn Duane Travers to the show today and find out for yourself!
First of all, watch this remarkable video on YouTube So You Think You Know About ADHD?


Bryn Duane Travers joins me today to discuss his spoken word piece.


“ADHD is a neurological condition…
researchers have found that there’s a difference in cognition.”



Go ahead, watch the video and subscribe but come back and listen to us talk about what motivated Bryn to create it.


Bryn’s Awesome Quote:

Emotional Zest of ADHD
“I want people to know how to deal
with it and how to use it in a positive
way and channel their energy.”


Emotional Zest

Bryn Travers is an ADHD creative. He’s a dancer, free runner and performer.
So You Think You Know About ADHD is a spoken word piece he wrote.
Listen, as he shares his story of life in the UK with ADHD and how he’s come to understand it.
He embraces the way he’s wired; although, he admits that at times it can be quite challenging.


We also talk about his amazing Par Kor. Wow!
Please do comment below on your thoughts of the show.
~ Jennie



Emotional Zest


Emotional Zest






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