ADHD's Emotional Impact

ADHD’s Emotional Impact

When it comes to talking about ADHD’s emotional impact, including the barriers that prevent us from initiating a task or taking a risk, there’s no one better than Brendan Mahan. His educational background includes a masters in education and school counseling and he both has ADHD and coaches others with it.

Currently, he’s transitioning from teaching to coaching and speaking full time and shares with me his goal of completing the requirements, this year, to join the National Speakers Association. His next gig will be soon in Reston, Va, at the ACO Conference (The ADHD Coaches Organization).

Brendan’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD's Emotional Impact“It’s not about being all or nothing, it’s about being 10% better.”



Emotional Impact

Brendan gives us a sneak peek into the model he uses to help others understand the emotional impact of ADHD. It’s called the Wall of Awful and there are only 4 ways to get beyond it. Listen and learn, which ones are healthy and which ones aren’t and which one you should use especially with your child!
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