Easily Bored

ADHD: A Diagnosis of Being Easily Bored

ADHD may best be understood as a diagnosis of being easily bored. Today, Dr. Dale Archer shares with us The ADHD Advantage and other things that interest him.
The ADHD Advantage is one of his books that I wanted to talk to him about.
His mindset has served him well as he’s focused on what he’s interested in versus things that shut his brain off.
Dale’s Awesome Quote:

“I’m where I am, not in spite of
my ADHD, but because of my ADHD.”



Easily Bored

When we understand how interest versus boredom helps to ignite your brain, you can then discover how to set yourself up for a winnable game.
Plus, as Dr. Archer stresses, accepting yourself is key.
He also encourages folks to read the book. It’s got fascinating interviews with a variety of people including Howie Mandel and David Neeleman.
HINT: You can even buy the audio version >>>>>>>>>>>

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Dr. Dale Archer:

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