Doubling Down on Your ADHD Strengths

Jess Larsen joins me today to talk about how he’s found success by doubling down on his strengths rather focusing on improving his weaknesses.
Addicted to snowboarding, this devoted dad of 4, loves Mexican food and listening to audiobooks.
He’s also got his hand in a million different projects including Child Rescue, CEO coaching, leadership training, a RE investment fund, and the Ideation Collective ( along with its podcast,  Innovation & Leadership.
Please do go check it out and subscribe to his newsletter. As he explains, Ideation Collective is a liquid network of good ideas.

Doubling Down Jess’ Awesome Quote:

Doubling Down
“ADHD isn’t necessarily a disorder.
If harnessed properly, I feel it’s an
advantage, for me at least.”



Doubling Down

Jess advices doubling down on your natural talents. It’s how he went from being an art school dropout to a successful entrepreneur in mergers and acquisitions.
He explains how energy and passion drive your activities.
An avid audiobook listener, Jess has listened to about 2 audiobooks a week for the last 15 years. Below are links to some of his favorites he recommends. (I do not make any money from their purchase, these are not affiliate links)
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~ Jennie


Child Rescue:
Doubling Down


Resources Mentioned:
Doubling DownDoubling DownDoubling Down














Doubling DownDoubling DownDoubling Down














Doubling DownDoubling DownDoubling Down

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