The Double Side of the ADHD Coin

The Double Side of the ADHD Coin

ADHD can be so confounding because it’s not just about attention or deficit or disorder. It can seem like the double side of a coin, with one side being the worst of some aspect and the other side, the very best aspect of that same quality. It can mystify and have events seem serendiptitious.
There is a certain serendipity to Salif’s story. In a video submitted for his school’s Serendipity in Science (see below), Salif Mahamane spoke of his experience studying environments and attention in grad school while unknowingly having ADHD. In fact, it was during this same time when his girlfriend, in an unrelated way, learned of the condition and told him, thus, leading to his diagnosis.
In this episode he shares his goal of creating an inclusive group about neurodiversity at his university next Fall.
Salif’s Awesome Quote:

The Double Side of the ADHD Coin
It’s just not helpful to hear
when somebody says,
“Well, everyone else in the world does it THIS way.”


Double Side of  ADHD

Salif shares his observations about the double side of ADHD based off his own experience. He’s hip to the duality the condition seemingly brings out in people and how that affects his relationships, as a partner, a father, a coworker, and friend. After all, it’s hard to explain that yes, you are earning a doctoral degree in psychology and yes, you don’t notice when there’s dirty dishes piled on the countertop.
He’s definitely figuring it all out, and in our time together, he’s very open and optimistic that he can help affect positive change around the stigma surrounding ADHD, now that he’s aware he has it.
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Salif’s Talks:


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