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How to Influence Your Dog’s Behavior

Molly Blanton knows there’s a difference between training a dog and managing a dog. Listen, as she teaches how to influence your dog’s behavior.
There’s a special way that Molly handles her dogs and her business.
Starting as a receptionist, who knew that Molly would learn best practices and THEN find a better and more meaningful way to engage with and advocate for your pet?
Be sure to check out Mollys Dogs and don’t be shy about asking her questions.
Molly’s Awesome Quote:

“I have ADHD. I like to know how things work.”



Influence Your Dog’s Behavior

Molly shares with us stories, tips, and tricks that can help you influence your dog’s behavior.
You can also reach out to her on her website if you have a question.
She loves to talk about dogs with their owners.

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~ Jennie


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