Distraction versus Derailment

ADHD Distraction Versus Derailment with The ADD Couple

What is the difference between ADHD distraction versus derailment? Upon first blush, they may seem like the same thing.
Listen, as my partner in crime, Brett Thornhill, and I talk it out on The ADD Couple podcast. Check us out on iTunes!
He joins me in discussing everything through the ADHD lens on that show. So, again, I’m sharing this episode about distraction versus derailment with you and hope you’ll enjoy it and subscribe to both podcasts: The ADD Couple and See in ADHD.
Awesome Quote:

“Derailment is something that
we tend to internalize a little bit.”


ADHD Distraction Versus Derailment

You know when something “comes up” and before you know it you aren’t doing what you had, at some point, intended to do?
This can be something, like missing a day of work. Maybe your doctor’s appointment ran late and then you stopped off to pick up prescriptions. Next thing you know, you figure you’re better off just starting over tomorrow.
Your day just went off the rails. But was that because of distraction or derailment?
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