Can Diet and Nutrition Create Balance in ADHD?

I was fascinated with all that Dr. Robert Melillo brought to the table in this episode, discussing the role of diet and nutrition and how to create balance in the brains of those with ADHD and other neurobiological conditions.
Ultimately, he explains, in ADHD and other conditions like Autism, it’s about networks in the brain that are very underdeveloped, under regulated, and under integrated with one another.
Robert’s Awesome Quote:

diet and nutrition in ADHD“Whenever you have something
where there’s multiple systems involved,
the problem is the brain.”


Diet and Nutrition in ADHD

Dr. Melillo cites The American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2012 findings, directly associating “leaky gut” and with Autism and related neurobiological conditions, like ADHD. He goes on to describe how diet and nutrition play an integral role in creating healthy brains and optimal brain functioning.
What fascinated me was the simple truth that it is indeed our brains that control all of body’s systems, so naturally keeping the brain in balance also keeps these system in check. Listen in as Dr. Melillo lays out the facts about maintaining a healthy diet for your child is key in helping to ensure they have a healthy and balanced life.
~ Jennie



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