ADHD Is A Diagnosis

ADHD Is A Diagnosis, If You Want To Be Correct

I’ve known Alison online for a while. In fact, she is the person who inspired me to write an article on ADHD as a label just a little over a year ago.
In this episode, she and I discuss more than just that. Alison’s passions include neuroscience and information. In fact, she tells me that most of the people she follows on Twitter are scientists, so I’m flattered I’m on her list.
Listen, as she shares her story of the original diagnosis of minimal brain disfunction given to her in childhood and removal of a brain tumor a few years ago. It’s easy to see that her interest in learning and in all things about the brain, she comes by honestly.
As she puts it, she doesn’t care about being right, she wants to be correct.
Alison’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD Is Not A Label“It’s all in your brain
and it’s all there
before you’re born.”

ADHD Is A Diagnosis

Seeing ADHD as a label, or referring to it as a label, simply undermines the authenticity of the diagnosis. To call it a label infers something that could be helped not to mention it’s derogatory. For example, lazy, loser, weird…those are labels. They are assigned out of ignorance and misunderstanding.
As a diagnosis, it’s no longer about moral character or ignorance. It’s a legitimate clinical condition and while it’s treatable, it isn’t a condition that is curable. That warrants a whole other show.
Listen as we explore how to understand the science to help you differentiate between facts and hype.
~ Jennie

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