ADHD and Depression

ADHD and Depression, The Struggle is Real

Today we talk with blogger and podcaster, Tom Nardone, about depression. Yes, it is a thing. With ADHD and depression, the struggle is real.
Tom and his wife, Yvonne, are two incredibly awesome people.
Checkout their podcast, The Tom Nardone Show.
I’ve had them both on before, see episode 90.
And, in my 100th episode, he came on as my first guest. He’s responsible for the amazing opening soundtrack that was way over the top, but totally awesome!
But even awesome people can become depressed. And so, I have asked Tom to come on again, this time to share his most recent experience with depression.
Tom’s Awesome Quote:

ADHD and Depression
“I just quit caring
about everything else.”




Listen, as Tom describes his journey into a world where video games became all that was important, to the point where everything else just distraction.
He shares how there were even a couple of days where he couldn’t stop from crying, even at work.
It reminded him of times in childhood when he would become inexplicably emotional at school and no one knew what to do.
Indeed, there have been a few times in Tom’s life when he has battled depression but nothing like this and never for as long.
For three months he little else than suffer through the work day only to go home to the video games that were his safe haven.
And then one day, that changed, and life got better, and Tom is now happier.
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~ Jennie


The Tom Nardone Show:

Epic 100th Episode


Resources Mentioned:
Check out Tom’s book, Chasing Kites.
I recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic account of growing up with undiagnosed ADHD.
Childhood With ADHD

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